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Mike Montague
State: WA, Australia
Primary Category: Location - Manager
Secondary Category: Unit

I've been in the industry for well over 20 years with pages of credits as a Location Manager/Scout, Unit Manager and I occasionally take on Production Management roles also. I quite often am employed as a Fixer for in coming productions wishing to shoot anywhere in Western Australia.

Additionally, My Company (Montague Production Services Pty Ltd) own the biggest fleet of production vehicles and unit equipment in Western Australia including 4X4's , Trailers, Makeup, Costume, unit vehicles and more.

IBM Watson Campaign-Joe Pytka-TVC-2017-Production Manager
Kia (Korea)-Itchy and scratch-TVC-2017-Unit Manager
Tourism WA - Pink Lake-safari-TVC-2017-Loc/unit manager/fixer
Rio Tinto Diamonds-on set solutions-TVC-2017-unit manager
Toyota landcruiser (Japan)-Dynamite-TVC-2016-Location manager


Mobile: 0412039310

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